Kem Medical Products provides cost-effective health and safety products and services for a safer indoor work place. Our products include toxic vapor monitoring badges, neutralizing products and real-time monitors.

We provide monitoring badges for Formaldehyde, Nitrous Oxide, Ethylene Oxide, Xylene, Waste Anesthetic Gases, Acetic Acid, Glutaraldehyde, Methyl Methacrylate, Methylene Chloride, MEK, Benzene, Toluene, and Alcohol.

We offer Neutralizing products for Glutaraldehyde and OPA(ortho-Phthalaldehyde) in both powder and solution forms. The powder form is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate your neutralizing needs. Also available are neutralizing spill kits and neutralizing mats/wipes.


We offer Formaldehyde neutralizing powder. It is available in 1 convenient size. It is also available with its own spill kit or mats/wipes.

Our real-time monitors warn against EtO, Glutaraldehyde and Formaldehyde exposure.

Kem Medical Product's only focus is on providing a safer indoor air quality environment.

Serving the Health Care Industry Since 1980

Kem Medical is an ISO 9001:2008
certified company that is committed to quality products & service, and customer satisfaction.