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Kem-Safe™ Glutaraldehyde/OPA Neutralizing Solution

Our Neutralizing Products are easy to use

  • Eliminate toxic vapors created during disposal of waste solution.
  • Will not stain soaking containers, sinks, etc. Prevents black staining.
  • Neutralization is complete within 5 minutes and solution is ready for safe disposal.
  • Safe for use in automatic scope washers.
  • Glycine based, meets California Senate Bill 2035


#9074 (12-32oz bottles/case) $278.00/cs

#9074-6 (6-32oz bottles/box) $187.00/bx

Each bottle will neutralize two (2) gallons of waste Glutaraldehyde/OPA solution.


#9074-1G (12-16oz bottles/case) $168.00/cs

Each bottle will neutralize one (1) gallon of waste Glutaraldehyde/OPA solution.
Kem-Safe™ 9074 Neutralizing Solution is the only validated and approved neutralizer by ASP for use in their new AEROFLEX™ Automatic Endoscope Repocessor (AER).




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