VAPOR TRAK® EtO Gas Alarm System Service and Repair

The 9000 and 9000R EO Gas Alarm is a warning system for ethylene oxide leaks and spills. It monitors the ambient atmosphere and activates audible and visual signals if the gas level exceeds a present level (20ppm or 50ppm). The 9000 and 9000R should be calibrated every 6 months. For Sensor replacement or other electronic problem, it is recommended that the instrument be returned to Kem Medical Products. We do offer Loaner Alarms at no extra cost for your convenience. Just fill out the Loaner agreement and email or fax it to our Electronics Dept. 954-733-9908 or

No alarm will be excepted without an RA, please fill out the RA and send it with the alarm.






Alarm Calibration and Certification $310.00

Replace Sensor, Calibrate and Certify $395.00










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